Wednesday, February 7, 2018

How to clean your Beauty Blender?

I stopped using my beauty blender for the past months as I don't know how to clean them correctly. I've tried cleaning them with body wash but was not satisfied with the result. Since it's a sponge, you can never be sure that it's bacteria free even after cleaning them with soap.

After doing some research, I found out the best and effective way to clean your beauty blender. So here are the steps:

1. Place your beauty blender on a microwavable container and put a small amount of water just enough to soak it.
2. Put it inside the microwave for 10 seconds.
3. Let it cool for a few minutes and remove from the microwave.

4. Squeeze the excess water from the beauty blender.
5. Use a brush cleaner or a dishwashing liquid to wash the beauty blender.
6. Rub it on a circular motion using the palm of your hand or a brush egg cleaner to remove the makeup.
7. Rinse off and make sure that there are no more marks of makeup on the beauty blender.
8. Let it dry.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Maybelline New York Velvet Matte Mat12

Got this beauty tip from a friend who's also a lipstick lover like me. So the next day I got myself the Mat12 from Maybelline's Velvet (Vivid) Matte Collection. The original price costs Php345 but it was on sale for Php280 when I got it from Watsons.

The Mat12 is a pretty nude pink that's great for an everyday wear. It's the perfect addition to my MLBB (My Lips But Better) collection. It has a doe foot applicator that helps you apply the lipstick evenly.

Here's a swatch of Mat12:

Here's how the lipstick looked on me when I wore it today:

So here are my thoughts about the product:


  • The product glides on easily on the lips and is easy to apply
  • Non-drying, your lips feel smooth and hydrated throughout the day
  • No awful smell
  • Great for everyday wear or for a "no makeup" makeup look


  • It's not really matte but creamy matte
  • To make it look matte, you have to dab a tissue on your lips
  • Not long lasting. It doesn't stay on my lips after eating a meal or drinking liquid
  • It transfers

Nevertheless, if I'm asked if I would repurchase it, I'd say yes despite the cons. This is mainly because I love how the lipstick looks good on me and how it can be very hydrating on the lips. It's a gorgeous nude color for an everyday wear.


Thursday, May 28, 2015

High Ridge Cagayan de Oro

CDO's newest dining destination, High Ridge, has been a a trending post on my newsfeed for the past couple of weeks. The newly revamped and improved restaurant has enticed many Kagayanons during their soft opening. Aside from the great overlooking view of Cagayan de Oro, romantic ambiance, High Ridge is a great place to reunite with friends and loved ones over dinner.

Getting to High Ridge may not be that easy. You can't just go there via jeepney or motorella. You have to hire a taxi cab or bring your own vehicle as the road getting there is quite steep. They only open during the evening as it can be very hot during lunch time and in the afternoon. Entrance fee is at Php100 which is consumable at the restaurant.

High Ridge at night:

Here are the pictures during our visit at High Ridge last month:

The food:

Staffs are friendly and accommodating.

So here's my review:
The Taste
The food is okay, nothing fancy. Food serving is for 2-3 people and the price is also affordable.

Value for Money
Food is affordable and the entrance fee is consumable.

Will I dine here again?
Yes if I have visitors who would like an overlooking ambiance.


Friday, May 15, 2015

Make Your Own Havaianas 2015 #MYOHCDO2015

It's that time of the year again when havaianaticos gets the chance to design their own havaianas slippers. MYOH2015  marks the 10th year of MYOH or also known as Make Your Own Havaianas.

This is my 3rd time to join the said event and here were the designs I made prior to the event:

Since we already had designs, we were treated like a VIP and were directed to the express lane when we arrived at the All Flip-flops store in SM Cagayan de Oro last May 7.

Unfortunately, the sole I've been eyeing on was not available on a Top sole so I opted for the Slim version this time with rose gold straps and three cute pins. 
Now I'm a happy girl!

Here's Claire assembling my new pair:

And Jamil assembling Boo's slippers:

For the past 2 years, I always go for choosing a colorful combination of soles, straps and pins over their commemorative pair. I love the idea that I can mix and match every year.

A closer look to our pairs:

Our obligatory #myoh2015selfie

The slippers come along with a knitted beach bag.

Here's my MYOH slippers from 2013-2015.

Here's a link to my MYOH2013 and MYOH2014.

Until the next MYOH event!


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bowties and Butter

Bowties and Butter, formerly known as Little Miss Funnel Cake now offers burgers (The Old Blue Burgers) that have earned it's name because of its unique delicious taste.

If you have read my blog about Little Miss Funnel Cake a few years ago, then you would know that they have been offering funnel cake desserts that perfectly match your sweet tooth. For my funnel cake experience, read here: Little Miss Funnel Cake, A dffierent Experience

For only Php99 you get to try their Old Blue burger, Php145 for The Old Blue Philly Cheese Steak and Php50 for their hand cut french fries. 

For today, we ordered:

The Old Burger

French Fries

Iced Tea mint

A closer look to the Old Blue Burger

Here's Boo and I while waiting for our order:

So here's my review:

The Taste
It's delicious. The taste is not like any other burgers. I think what's unique about their burgers is their signature cream cheese and smoked bbq sauce that adds a unique taste to their burgers.

Value for money
Affordable choice for those craving for grilled burgers but don't want to spend that much.

Will I dine here again?
Yes definitely especially when parking space is available.


Sattae Grill in CDO

CDO definitely has a lot of dining options for the Cagayanons who love to eat. One of the newest craze in town is the Sattae Grill Restaurant located at the corner of Justo Ramonal-Corrales street. They're open daily from 6pm - 10pm, a great place to dine when you're craving for grilled food.

I've heard from friends that they've had a great dinning experience here and so Boo and I gave it a try today.  

So for only Php149 per person you get to grill-all-you-can your choice of chicken or pork bbq. You can also select from fish, squid, isaw, hotdog and chorizo.

Puso rice costs at Php5, softdrinks at Php20 and bottled beer at Php 45.

To grill the Sattae way, first select your desired bbq from their buffet table.

Wait for the heated charcoal and grill. 

Grill your bbq on this specially made grill table. Each table has this grill installed.

Then spread in some satti sauce while grilling your bbq. 

Eat your bbq and puso and dip it on their special gravy sauce and enjoy!

And, you can't stop eating until you're full. But take note there is a charge for left overs so make you sure to get what you can just consume.

It was fun to get to grill your own bbq while enjoying the company of friends. It was a different dining experience. You get to choose what you eat and what to grill.

Here are more pictures:

Our total bill was Php458 as we also ordered 2 bottles of beer aside from the puso and softdrinks.

So here's my review:

The Taste
The taste will vary on how you grill your bbq. But what makes it different is their special gravy sauce.

Value for money
Affordable choice for those who are fond of bbq and who loves to drink beer. You have unlimited pulutan for the whole night.

Will I dine here again?

Yes, I will soon with my family. But do go here when you're next destination is to go home. You'll find yourself smelling like smoked charcoal after dining.

And if you're fond of grilled food and eat-all-you-can, then I'm sure you'll love this place.